Super Wholock School of Ringcrafting and Metalbending ft. Spock holding 42 pineapples in the Millennium Falcon.

Fandoms unite.



Excuse me as I Nerd out for a second but, Nickelodeon should definitely keep this show on air and not move it to online only. If Nick promoted the show more and maybe changed the time the shows ratings would be better. Avatar the Last Airbender did really well and so did the first two season of…



What is wrong with Nickelodeon how can you have an amazing show like Korra, show an awesome episode like that that has a cliffhanger, and then say ” lol the rest is gonna be online now good luck fuckers” and then complain about low ratings (mainly because they didn’t advertise it at all and even when they did say season 3 was coming on they gave literally a one week notice).

Tbh I feel really bad for good writers lately because the networks are really screwing them over. #savekorra